3 Best Hand Blender for smoothies India 2021

You are here it means you are looking for a Best Electric Blender, you may be confused and may not be able to choose the best electric blender that perfectly fit into your requirement because a wide variety of electric blender are available in the market.

Here our role comes in play we provide you the detailed review based on the experience of the real buyers. Check out the Best Hand Blender for smoothies

1. KENT Hand Blender- Best blender for smoothies

kent hand blender - Best Hand Blender for smoothies India
Kent hand Bleder for smoothies
  • Powerful copper motor 
  •  5 variable speed controls
  • In-built overheating protection Feature
  • Equipped with multiple beaters and dough hooks
  • Ergonomically designed appliance
  • stainless steel body

This high-speed Electric handheld blender offers a speed control knob mounted on the handle that allows users to switch between 5 different speeds for a specific recipe that make it perfect for cooking and baking.

They are making cooking easier with multiple beaters and dough hooks. Multiple beaters and dough hooks are capable enough to whip eggs, fold various ingredients, mixes liquid effectively.

Kent Hand blender comes with a stand that ensures hygienic mixing and blending
as you don’t need to put the blender on the dirty kitchen slip and is specially designed for holding the beater and dough hooks

An automatic power cut-off feature is also available in the blender that will automatically shout down the hand blender
in case of overheating, resulting in the long life of the product

2. LIOMES Electric Hand Blender

Liomes Electric handheld Blender for smoothies
Liomes Electric handheld Blender
  •  5 speed settings
  • 800-watt -powerful motor 
  • Handy & Convenient
  • In-Built Eject Knob Feature
  • stainless-steel attachments
  • Detachable Beaters & Whisker/Dough Hooks 

Liomes multifunctional Electric handheld blender has a powerful motor of 800Watt, and this powerful motor has 5 speed setting, a speed control knob is provided to switch between the different speeds easily.

Liomes electric hand blender comes with stainless steel multiple attachments that allow the user to beat, mix, whisk, blend. Save your valuable time that you spend in the kitchen while mixing, beating, whisk, etc.

5-speed control setting allows users to mix a variety of ingredient An in-built Eject knob is attached to the handle of the blender that enables the user to for easy ejection and switch between different attachmentconvenient handheld – will allow you to control the hand blender with ease.

A soft Grip handle is provided to perform mixing and blending operation with comfort

3. Philips Hand Blender for whipping

Best Immersion Blender
Philips Immersion Blender
  •  Rust Proof metal rod for hot/cold blending.
  • Easy Clean
  • Easy Single trigger operation
  • 250W powerful motor 
  • Less Grooves Body Shape
  • 18000 rpm
  • Easy Storage
  • Removable blades for whisking & Whipping
  • 2 years Warranty

Philips Electric handheld mixer is ergonomically designed and has a stainless steel rod for hot and cold blending, with two blades for whisking and whipping.

Philps Immersion Blender has a 230volts powerful motor that can rotate at 1800RPM; sleek and slim handle design of blender allows users for easy movement, resulting in better mixing. Philips Electric handheld mixer is easy to clean and easy to use, and it has a single trigger operation.

User can easily switch between the whisking and whipping. Philips Immersion blender comes with a two-year warranty.

Note:- Dont use the blender more then 60 sec in go, let it cool for next 60 sec before second cycle

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