Best Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain India 2021

Amazon Brand-single seater recliner sofa

Best Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain
single seater recliner sofa

  • High Quality Fabric
  • Does not Fade on Rubbing
  • Luxarious Design
  • Passed durability testing with 100 kg
  • Stable Armrest can handle weight up to 40Kg
  • European Safety Requirement Standard EN 12520
  • Lightweight for easy shifting
  • Free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, AZO Dye and lead
  • 3 Year warranty

Amazon solimo Recliner is the most comfortable single-seater recliner. This Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain is made of high-quality fabric, and it comes with an attractive design. The chocolate colour finish adds a more luxurious look to your room. High-quality material does not lose its colour with rubbing.

This premium looking recliner has passed a durability test and can easily handle a weight of up to 100kg. This more robust and durable recliner is designed to last for years.The armrest has passed the stability test for 10,000 cycles and can easily handle dynamic load up to 40kg.

The recliner also meets the European safety requirement standard EN 12520 and is free from harmful chemicals and toxins like AZO Dye, lead and formaldehyde. The recliner’s lightweight body allows users hassle-free shifting, and the user can quickly shift this recliner to any part of the room.

Furny Elisse Single Seater Recliner

Furny Elisse Single Seater Recliner
  •  Smooth manual fabric recliner 
  • Stable wooden frame
  • Sturdy and durable design 
  • High quality sofa enjoyment
  • Contemporary style design

A super comfortable single seater recliner is designed to provide you with a high-quality sitting experience and is best for intensive use. Great for sleeping or napping. The sturdy and durable design of the recliner can last for years.
Premium looking fabric does not fade or lose its colour with rubbing.

Users can easily extend the footrest of this Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain by pulling the lever
out that is attached to the arms of the recliner, for legs stretch and can easily remove it back on the footrest
until it locks in place when not in use
Easy to understand manual allows the user to quickly assemble the recliner. The recliner has a contemporary modern design.

Furny Room Single Seater Recliner for living room

Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain
  • Upholstery Material
  • Breathable leather 
  • sturdy and durable design
  • Quickly assemble 
  • great for reading; sleeping or napping
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Highly Durable metal frame
  • Quality durable foams

Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain is highly adjustable recliner sofa allows user to recline nearly horizontal position. A pulling lever is attached below the armrest users can easily extend the footrest by simply pulling out the lever. High Quality, durable and breathable fabric is used in the recliner.

Upholstered material is used, which is accessible to clean and stable. Fury Regal one seater recliner sofa uses high-density foam which offers comfortable sitting and last longer. A highly Durable metal frame allows you to enjoy your favourites Tv shows, reading, sleeping or napping.

The recliner is super easy to assemble. No tools are required to assemble the sofa, and it takes only three minutes to assemble the recliners. A combination of metal and solid wood frame provided a long life to the recliner.

Best Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain India 2021

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