Best Inflatable Car Bed With Pillow & Pump to buy in India 2020

About Best Inflatable Car Bed to buy in India 2020


Inflatable Car Bed Features:-

  • Air Mattress Inflatable Structure
  • Inflatable Structure Design Determines The Expanded Size Mattress
  • Actual Space And Self-Adjusting.
  • Inflatable Front, Left And Right Door Is Opened
  • The Most Comfortable Lying Feeling In Your Car.
  • Most Comfortable For Kids To Rest While Driving.
  • Increases Sleep Quality And Eliminates Fatigue Of Exertion

Inflatable Car Bed For Kids

Inflatable Self Adjusting Air Bed

Car inflatable air bed car (car accessories) inflatable applicable models: The various brand models cars, suv and mpv majority can. Air mattress inflatable structure, this inflatable structure design determines the expanded size mattress will be inflated because of the size of the actual space and self-adjusting.

Inflatable front, left and right door is opened, the front seats far forward adjustment, after fully charged air, you can close the door after the front seat adjusted for bed have squeezed effect adjustment to achieve highly consistent bed and space, tightening effect. 12v car cigarette lighter supply electric pump / 1 pillows / organized bag included main materials:

Durable and Water Proof

Comfortable suede surface + durable and high density oxford waterproof size: Designed to suit for most cars/suv/mpv package included: 1 x car air mattresses (suede surface + high density durable waterproof oxford) 1 x pillows 1 x electric pump (12v car cigarette lighter supported, inflate anytime anywhere) 1 x organize bag attentions:

1. This product is not life-saving equipment, it cannot be used in the water. 2. The recommended temperature inside the car is: -13 to 140 degree f.

3. Please do not use it to touch any sharp objects or cigarette

4. Please tightening the nozzle during inflation process

5. The air in the cushion can last about 10 hours. Please inflate it again after 10 hours for a comfortable use.

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