Best Smart LED Light Bulb In India 2020

About Best Smart LED Bulb in India 2020

Syska Wi-Fi Enable Smart Bulb


  • SYSKA Wi-Fi enabled Smart LED 12-Watt Bulb can be operated with Syska Smart Home App
  • Control from Anywhere: Control your light from anywhere with the Smart Bulb Home App. Light up your home remotely even when you are on holiday for better security
  • Voice Control: Control lights with your voice using Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Warm to Cool Light & Dimmable: Transform your room to all kinds of themes such as reading, night, meeting, leisure, soft by changing brightness and white color between Warm White (2700K) and Cool Day White (6500K) with Syska Smart Home App
  • 16 Million Color Shades: With 16 million color options available in App. You can transform your room into all kinds of themes such as party, reading, night, meeting, leisure, soft, Colors, colorful and gorgeous
  • Create Scenes and Routines: Create your own scene or schedule light, whether at home or away
  • Grouping Lights: You can create a group of all Syska smart lights and operate it together
  • Enabled with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty of the product from the date of purchase

Product description:-

Best Smart LED Bulb ! Introducing SYSKA keen Wi-Fi empowered LED bulb. The blend of brilliance and home stylistic layout. This shrewd Bulb has 16 Million conceals to look over as it illuminates to each event and disposition.

SYSKA Smart LED bulb can be set-up to your home partner gadgets with scarcely any straightforward advances and can be controlled physically and through voice-actuated gadgets.

Working at 12W and yield of 1050 lumens guarantees that the lighting is the best and productive in each way, shading variations as RGB + Yellow up to 3500K empowers the light to be smooth on eyes and energetic to mind.

Warm to Cool Light and Dimmable: Transform your space to a wide range of subjects, for example, perusing, night, meeting, recreation, delicate by changing splendor and white shading between Warm White (2700K) and Cool Day White (6500K) with Syska Smart Home App

A smart bulb (smart light bulb) is a Wi-Fi-enabled LED light bulb with additional features to enable remote control, automation, customization and other abilities.

Top 5 Best Smart Bulb In India 2020

Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED Bulb in India

Syska Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bulb


  • Wifi enabled, With the alarm clock feature in this smart bulb, you can easily set daily schedules
  • Includes: 1 LED Smart Bulb
  • The Syska smart bulb works perfectly well with any Wi-Fi router without a need for a separate hub or paid subscription service. Your existing Wi-Fi is enough (2.4 GHz only)
  • Wireless connection
  • 16 million colour options-It offers you 16 million shades and different tones to make any occasion extra special and allow to change colors as per your mood.
  • Supported Devices: Android smart phones, iOS smart phones
  • Supported OS: Android 4.3 and above, iOS 6 and above
  • Lifespan up to 25,000 hours and Lumens: 480 Lm
  • Note: For any query/assistance kindly contact : 1800-102-8787, Warranty: 2 years on product from date of invoice
  • Wattage: 7 watts; Dimensions 8*8*13.2.

Product Description:-

The Syska smart bulb uses a wireless technology that allows you to control the lighting of your home from anywhere in the world. It offers you 3 million shades and different tones to make any occasion extra special. With Syska’s smart bulb, you can change the mood of your space within seconds through a mobile app called: the ‘Syska Smart Home LED’. Discover a world of features such as setting schedules and scenes, grouping devices, voice control, etc. Plus, save energy while you add style and color to your space. This bulb is compatible with 2.4 GHz modem only.

The Syska smart bulb connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you control every aspect of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. This helps you with setting the light of your home as you want, from wherever you are. For example if you forget to switch off some lights while rushing to work, you can even do so from your office via your mobile device. What’s more, you can even switch on some lights (maybe those in the passage or porch) as you get closer to home from your vehicle.

Wipro Smart LED Bulb Compatible with Amazon Alexa in India

Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bulb
Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bulb


  • Includes: 1 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb, 1 User Manual
  • Wattage: 9 watts, 16 Million Colors (RGB) + Tunable White (Warm White/White/Natural White)
  • Warranty: 2 Years manufacturer warranty from the date of invoice
  • Control from anywhere – control your light from anywhere with the Wipro next smart app, light-up up your home remotely even when you a on holiday for better security
  • Voice control – control lights with your voice using Alexa and Google assistant
  • White tunable and dimmable– transform your room to all kinds of themes such as reading, night, micro, leisure by changing brightness and White color buying/with warm white and cool DAY White
  • Create Schedules and Routines: create your own scene or schedule light, Whether at home or away

Product Description:-

No Gateway or Hub Required

Operate your bulb simply through wifi from anywhere in world through “Wipro Next Smart Home” app. No additional gateway or hub required. Make sure to keep the bulb within the range of your wifi router

Choose from 16 Million Color Shades

Now choose from wide range of colors to suit your mood. Get relaxed with Blue light after a long tiring day. Turn it to Red to enjoy the party evening or switch to yellow to enjoy dinner.

MI Led Smart Bulb in India

MI Smart LED Bulb


  • Please enable location access on your phone for seamless pairing with the Smart LED Bulb
  • 16 million colours
  • 11 years long life
  • Mobile app control; Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 10W brightness with 800 lumens
  • Adjustable colour temperature from 1700K to 6500K
  • E27 Base (B22 socket is not included in the package)
  • No bridge required, works with existing 2.4Ghz router set up
  • Customer care number: 1800 103 6286
  • Country of Origin: China

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb in India

Philips Smart Wi-Fi Enabled LED Bulb


  • Package Contains: 1 Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb B22 9-Watt WiZ Connected
  • B22 Bulb
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Smart Bulb that can be controlled by your smartphone, Alexa and Siri
  • Has millions of installed colours and preset themes which can be used to create the perfect mood in your room
  • Simple Set Up: You can simply start using by screwing in your new bulb and downloading the WiZ app
  • It has on/ off, dimming features and warm to cool light options
  • You can also set timers and schedule the lighting according to your choice
  • Perfect for your home, parties or any indoor or outdoor settings

Product Description:-

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Smart bulb puts you in complete control of your lighting with smart bulbs that are easy to use, functional, and affordable. We’ve made all your favorite high-quality Philips bulbs smarter, just connect them to your existing Wi-Fi network. Smart Color and White Light – Live life colorfully. Dynamic light modes make any room glow in your favorite color. Control your lights wherever you are using the WiZ lighting app or your favorite compatible voice control device. The product requires a WiFi connection to operate wirelessly. Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED smart bulb is compatible with WiZ apps and products along with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Shortcuts. Warm white light that dims and tunes.

Philips Hue Mini Starter with 10W E27 Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Philips Hue mini Starter Kit


  • Material: Synthetic, Color: White
  • Are Bulbs included: Yes
  • Recommended Wattage of Bulb: 10 watts, Base of Bulb: E27, Input Voltage: 120 volts
  • Dimensions: 8 cm x 18 cm x 17 cm
  • Warranty: 1 year on product from date of invoice. For any query/assistance kindly contact_us on: [ 18001035977 ]
  • Wattage: 10 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 120 volts
  • Includes: Hue Bridge with Hue LED Bulb
  • Hue bridge the heart of your Philips hue system
  • Start building or expanding your ecosystem with this hue bridge
  • Hue-ify your home add up to 50 Philips hue lights to a single hue bridge.

Product Description:-

Simple and smart, Hue lux bulbs produce beautiful warm white light that can be brightened and dimmed to suit any occasion. Also, put Hue lux in your bathroom, your kitchen, hallway, your living room or anywhere else. A starter pack includes three bulbs that simply screw into your existing lamps, and a bridge that you plug into your home Wi-Fi router. Simply download the hue app to start experiencing light in a completely new way.

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