Despite social media toxicity on rise, actors tell us why they’d never switch off their comments section – bollywood

How often do you leave a comment on an actor’s Instagram post or tweet and expect to get a reply back? Now imagine if they disable that very option and leave you with no choice to interact with them, wouldn’t that be a bit hard? In the recent times, owing to ever increasing toxicity on social media, several actors turned off their comments section — happily or unwillingly. Actor Taapsee Pannu recently admitted that she doesn’t find it a viable option because that would also mean she won’t get constructive criticism that comes her way on social media. Actor Sonakshi Sinha, too, had confessed that she missed out on all the fan interaction on social media after she had to switch off the section. Taking a cue from here, we asked some more actors if they’d ever resort to this option and cut off from the social media world by not allowing anyone to comment on their posts? Can you really enjoy social media presence in isolation? Here’s what they have to say:

Isha Koppikar


If anyone doesn’t like me or my posts, they can stop following me on social media but why would I turn off my comments? There are many who say good things to me too, their feedback matters more than all these negative comments that I mostly ignore. My life doesn’t revolve around social media, so I don’t let all these affect me at all.

Aahana Kumra


My life is beyond social media and I never get bothered about such things. I prefer posting happy pictures on Instagram and on Twitter, no need to be a part of all the conversations. So yes, I’ve never switched off my comments because I don’t want to miss out on the fan interactions and reactions and most importantly the constructive criticism that also comes my way.

Iqbal Khan


Forget switching off comments, there was so much negative and abuse being hurled at my family that I deleted my twitter account. On Instagram, I usually block and delete every nasty comment. As artistes, we need to keep ourselves updated, stay closer to our fans and understand if they like our work or not, and such reactions and comments help us do better.

Mithila Palkar


I take social media with a pinch of salt. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it’s on me to decide how I’d go about things. So, I won’t restrict comments as I can’t do without interacting with my viewers and the feedback they give. Some criticism also helps me learn. So, I ignore what’s not important and focus on what matters.

Manasi Parekh


There are people who have nice things to share and I don’t want to miss out on them for a few negative minds. Also, everyone has their place in this world, so I’d just let them be and whenever things go out of hand, I block them but won’t restrict the goodness and feedback that comes my way, I need them as an artiste.

Rasika Dugal


I must admit that sometimes the trolling does get to you and I won’t say I will never (switch off comments section), but if ever it comes to that point, then I might consider doing it. I am sure there are many who are brutally trolled and for them that has to be the only option.

Sayani Gupta


I don’t think I’d ever disable comments. I would probably block all those people and that is it. I like engaging on social media with my fans and I do read a lot of comments and when required I also give it back. I am the type of person who does not take nonsense.

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