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How big TikTok app was in India | India News

NEW DELHI: TikTok has had a phenomenal rise since its launch in September 2016. In less than four years, the app, which allows users to create 15 seconds videos, soundtracked by music clips, has been downloaded 1.5 billion times and has 800 million monthly average users. It was the seventh most downloaded app of the 2010s.
The app is popular across the globe among users of all ages. According to Apptrace, it has a presence in 141 countries. It is one of the very few social media apps that are available in over three dozen languages — 39 to be precise.
In 2019, the app was downloaded 104.7 million times — an increase of 46% in one year — making it the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide.
India is the biggest market for TikTok, outside China. In 2019, the app was downloaded 323 million times, accounting for 44% of the app’s total downloads that year.
TikTok was the top app in terms of downloads in India in 2019.
(It is worth noting that in 2019 the app was briefly banned in India. It is estimated that the ban cost the app as many as 15 million new users)
Of the 1.5 billion downloads of the app, 466.8 million (31 per cent) were in India. In China, the app has 173 million downloads.
In India, the app suports 15 regional languages.
According to a report published in The Economic Times, an average Indian TikTok user spent an average of 38 minutes daily using the app. In comparison, 44 minutes were spent on Instagram, while for Facebook the figures were 35 minutes.
As of August 2019, the app was installed on 30% of all Indian smartphones.


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