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In the new normal, cos eye advanced IT solutions

INDORE: Growing reliance on information technology tools to keep the wheels rolling post pandemic has given thrust to demand for advanced IT solutions and customized tools suiting requirements.

Industries across sectors have adopted IT solutions and platforms to carry day to day work with employees confined to homes to stay safe from deadly pandemic but rising dependency has led to an increase in demand for more customized platforms to conduct meetings, allot assignments, check pressure of machines in factories, collating employee’s details.

Integration of existing software with advanced IT platforms, shared whiteboard, notes, breakout rooms and screens to check temperature and raise an alarm if mask is not on among others are some of the general customized requirements raised by industries to IT professionals.

Madhya Pradesh chair of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and a manufacturer of solar pumps Dinesh Patidar said, “We have been a traditional company but post Covid-19 things have turned 360 degrees involving a lot of technological advancement such as meetings switched to online platforms. The need for online presence is rapidly growing and pushing demand for IT tools for sectors some of which are using the existing platforms while others looking for customized solutions.”

Industrialists said except a few verticals such as production where physical presence is mandatory, virtual platforms have occupied a king’s share in most departments. Though some respondents said high cost involved in customized tools is a challenge for many especially small and medium enterprises.

Abdul Wahid, general manager at a company manufacturing shock absorbers said, “From executive to the lowest management, all of them have moved to IT platforms in our company post pandemic because things have changed drastically. We are investing on training every month to train our staff. All our branches across the country are using the same IT platform.”

Nilesh Maheswari, CEO at an Indore based IT Services Company said, “We have been approached by many industries to provide them IT solutions as per their need. We are developing white-labelled video/web-conferencing solution giving flexibility to the host and group such as no cap on number of users, shared notes and whiteboard besides a breakout room to assign a time bound special task to a group of people among many others. Besides apart from industries, educational institutes are also increasingly adopting the online mode.”

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