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Not going with any expectations: D Harika | Chess News

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CHENNAI: The second Grand Prix leg of the women’s online speed chess championships, organized by FIDE, will commence from July 1. World no. 9 D Harika, who qualified for this stage after being part of the Swiss tournament earlier this month, is among those vying for top honours in this leg.
The 29-year-old is clearly not taking much pressure ahead of the event. “All I want to do is work hard and give 100 percent and play, rest (I will take) whatever comes,” Harika told TOI on the eve of the event.
More than mulling a lot about the results, Harika is happy just to be able to play the game in these uncertain times. “Right now, we don’t have many tournaments. So, any chance to play chess is good. So I just want to concentrate on the process of it. I don’t want to have any pressure,” Harika said.
With not much separating the players in these tournaments, Harika is aware of the importance of going with a clean slate. “I am not going with any expectations and am entering in a blank state of mind. The only target for me will be to fight and take each day as it comes,” she said.

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