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Telangana social welfare students shine at Business Ideation Festival

HYDERABAD: The Entrepreneurship Development cell has conducted Business Ideation Festival (BIF) that is jointly facilitated by the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) and Volunteers for Rural Entrepreneurs Advancement Programme (VREAP) for the women studying in the social welfare residential degree colleges via online.

Speaking on this occasion, Secretary, TSWREIS, RS Praveen Kumar, said” Marginalized women are grossly under-represented in the business landscape of India and lack adequate skills and confidence to start a business. In the era of globalization, marginalized youth have become mere job seekers than job creators.”

He added, “To bridge this gap, the tribal and social welfare societies have been promoting business entrepreneurship and skill development programs to develop entrepreneurship mindset among young women of social and tribal welfare residential degree colleges with the support of the government of Telangana.”

Fifteen social welfare degree college students participated in the online virtual competition, out of which three best ideas—women empowerment, call a friend, furniture upcycling, were selected for cash awards.

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