Best Bicycle for Morning Exercise India October 2022

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best bicycle for morning exercise
Bicycle for morning exercise
  • This is a unisex hybrid bicycle
  • The bicycle is delivered in the sem-assembled condition
  • The company provides necessary like installation manual and installation tool kit
  • Dual disc brakes are provided in this bicycle
  • 21-speed options are avialable in this bicycle
  • The bicycle’s saddle is equipped with an alloy quick-release mechanism
  • A wide handlebar is used in this bicycle
  • The frame of this hybrid bicycle is made of high-quality steel material
  • Threadless suspension fork is used in this hybrid bicycle
  • Long-lasting tyres with double alloy rims are used in this bicycle
  • High-quality water decals with internal cable guide

If you are looking for a bicycle that is suitable for morning riding then this bicycle can be a great option. This hybrid bicycle for morning exercise offers maximum specifications at this price range. This Outdoor exercise bicycle comes with a TIG welded high tensile steel frame which is 29 inches high

. This TIG welded steel frame is strong enough to handle a weight of upto 100kg which means that even a heavy person can ride this bicycle. 29 inches high frame makes this bicycle suitable for adults. The ideal height required to ride this outdoor exercise bicycle is 5.2FT and Maximum rider height to ride this bicycle is 6Ft. A top-notch quality frame is used to coat the frame of this bicycle. The bicycle comes with high-quality water decals with an internal cable guide to enhance the looks of this morning ride bicycle.

This leader hybrid bicycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition and before starting using this hybrid bicycle customers need to assemble the rest of the bicycle. Assembly of this bicycle is super easy, by following the installation manual user can assemble the rest of the bicycle on their own. The company provides an installation tool kit inside which you get all the required tools that are needed to finish the rest of the assembly.

This outdoor exercise bicycle is a hybrid bicycle which means that this bicycle can be used for city and mountain areas riding as well. This bicycle offers a 21-speed Shimano gear system. This Shimano speed gear system allows riders to ride this bicycle in a hilly area with ease. An effortless gear shifter is mounted on the handlebar of this outdoor exercise bicycle. As it helps riders to maintain a comfortable paddling speed while cycling on hilly terrain. Professional rider prefers geared bicycle for mountain riding as it helps them to ride in mountain regions with very less effort.

This bicycle for morning exercise comes with double wall alloy rims. These double-wall alloy rims are made of high-quality alloy material which has much higher strength than the normal steel rims. This outdoor exercise bicycle comes with dual disc brakes which are famous for generating really high amount of stopping force. If you love to explore the mountain region on a bicycle then we highly recommend you to have a bicycle which is having disc brake on it. Riding a bicycle in a mountain region can be dangerous if your bicycle doesn’t stop at right time, You can lose your life too. Having a powerful braking system allows the rider to ride this bicycle on different terrain without worrying about any accident. The performance of this powerful braking system remains unaffected by the weather condition.

To enhance the cycling experience company attached front suspension to this bicycle. This shock absorber cut-off all the shocks and helps riders in getting a smooth and comfortable cycling experience on all terrains. Shock absorbers make this hybrid bicycle suitable for both city and mountain rides. This bicycle for morning exercise comes with a soft and comfortable saddle that uses an alloy quick release mechanism. This alloy quick-release mechanism allows the rider to adjust the saddle height in order to maintain a comfortable riding position. Comfortable riding posture helps the rider to ride this bicycle for long distance

This outdoor exercise bicycle comes with an alloy stem handle. The handlebar of this bicycle is wide and covered with a soft and comfortable rubber grip. This rubber grip keeps the rider’s hand comfortable throughout the ride.

This bicycle for morning exercise comes with long-lasting nylon tires. These treaded tyres are specially designed to provide better grip on both wet and dry roads. Thus providing a better, comfortable, and stable cycling experience on all terrain. The pedals of this bicycle are made of high-quality plastic which is designed to handle heavy loads. These pedals are wide and offer better grip than any other bicycle pedals in this price range. Thus preventing riders’ feet from slipping. The pedals used in this bicycle for morning exercise are made of a high-quality alloy whose strength is much higher than the steel pedals.

This bicycle for morning exercise can be used for various purposes like commuting, office, school, mountain cycling, etc. There are many advantages of using this outdoor exercise bicycle regularly as it keeps you away from heart-related diseases and cycling also helps in boosting your stamina.

Cycling is the best and easiest cardio exercise that anyone can do. A bicycle is highly recommended for those who are unfit and belong to a higher age group as it is the only exercise that is gentle to the knees and back. These are some additional health benefits of this bicycle for morning exercise. Buying this bicycle for a morning ride gives you 12 months of free membership of GOQii app which is worth Rs 999. Using this GOQii app you can keep eye on your performance stats. This 12-month’s free subscription also gives you access to their live as well as recorded video sessions related to fitness.

You can win amazing prizes by participating in the competition held among the Leader bicycle owners. You can also get some extra discounts while shopping on the GOQii health store with the points that are earned by logging your activities in the GOQii app. Riders can also find out the best cycling routes within their cities using this GOQii app. You also get some basic accessories with this bicycle like a side stand, front/rear reflector, instruction manual, spoke reflector, Allen key, spanner, etc. The company also provides installation services all over India.

Advantages of this morning exercise cycle

  • The bicycle comes with a dual disc brake with quick release mega-hub
  • This Bicycle comes with a wide handlebar with alloy stem handle
  • This is the best bicycle for morning exercise
  • This bicycle comes with 12 month free GOQii subscription
  • Threadless suspension is used in this bicycle
  • The morning exercise cycle comes with a 21-speed Shimano gear
  • This Bicycle comes with TIG welded steel frame

Disadvantages of  bicycle for morning exercise

  • You don’t get a mudguard with this bicycle
  • No back carrier is provided in this bicycle
  • This Bicycle doesn’t come with a water bottle carrier
  • Seat is suitable for short rides

Drawbacks of morning exercise cycle

Even after paying 13000-14000, you don’t get basic accessories with this bicycle like a mudguard, bell, and lock. You don’t get a water bottle carrier and back carrier in this bicycle Seat quality of this bicycle can be better.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this bicycle have to say

Fantastic machine and fantasic performance. I’m highly impressed


If you are looking for a bicycle for morning rides then this leader bicycle is best for morning exercise or morning rides. This bicycle offers amazing specifications in this price range. To make this bicycle suitable for Indian terrain company attached a threadless suspension in the front of the bicycle and both the wheels of this bicycle are equipped with a dual disc brake. This bicycle comes with a 21-speed Shimano gear system. If your budget is limited then this bicycle for morning exercise can be a great option for you.

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