Best Big tyre cycle under 10000 India October 2022

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Here are the best big tyre cycle under 10000 that you can buy

  • Wide handlebar

  • Dual disc brakes

  • Anti-slip pedals

  • Frame lift weight of upto 120

  • Semi-fat tyre for better grip and traction

  • Adjustable seat post

  • Front suspension

  • Highly strong and durable frame

  • Wide handle with comfortable hand grips

  • Treaded tyres prevent slip on wet roads

  • Water bottle holder

  • Non-slip pedals

  • Front suspension

  • Hi-tensile steel frame

  • Long lasting fat tyres

  • Mechanical dual disc brakes

  • Top-quality paint

  • Reflectorized pedals

  • Chain cover

  • Low maintenance

  • Front suspemsiom

  • Foldable strong frame

  • Fat tyres provide stable performance

  • Dual suspension

  • Dual disc brakes are provided

  • Saddle height can be changed

  • Wide handlebar with soft hand grips

  • Stylish strong and durable frame

  • Top-notch quality paint

  • Bicycle comes with a pre-attached bottle holder

  • Front suspension for smooth rides

  • Treaded tyres for better grip and traction

  • Double wall alloy rims

  • High quality reflectors

what is a fat bike

Fat bikes or fat tire cycles are specially designed for cycling on diverse terrains like snow, loose sand, and mud. These fat tyre cycles come with extra wide tires, The purpose of these fat tyres is to distribute the overall weight of the bicycle to a much larger area and because of that ground pressure decreases. So that you can effortlessly cycle on deep snow, loose sand, and mud.

What are the things that you should consider before buying a fat bike under 10000?


The frame of fat tyre cycle is made of mainly any one of two materials that is steel and aluminium. Aluminium frame fat bikes are going to cost more than 10,000 which means you will get only a steel frame in this price range. Don’t forget to check the weight-bearing capacity of the frame before buying any of these fat bikes.


The width of the tires is the main highlight of the bicycle which allows these fat bikes to roll over deep snow, loose sand, and mud without getting stuck. Buy a fat bike with wider tires because the wider the tire, the easier it will be to tread on the surface.


Nowadays suspensions are common and can be seen in most of the cycles which are priced at Rs 7000 or above. Cycles that have suspension need proper care and regular maintenance which ultimately increases the overall cost of the bicycle. Fat bikes have fat tyre which acts like shock absorber and absorbs most of the impact and helps you in getting a smooth and comfortable cycling experience on all terrains. Hence it is not important to buy a fat tyre cycle with suspension.


Check out the type of braking system you are getting in the fat tyre cycle. Having a quick and responsive braking system is very important as if you failed to stop your bicycle at the right time then you can injure yourself. Most professional cyclists prefer disc bakes as they are quick and responsive and their performance remains unaffected by the weather condition.

Who should buy a fat tyre cycle and why?

If you are living in such places whose terrains remain covered with snow, mud, or loose sand then a fat bike is perfect for such places. Buying a road bike for such troublesome terrain is not an ideal option. Road bike tires, instead of rolling over the surface their tires will dive into the snow, sand, or mud and will get stuck.

While on the other hand fat bikes come with an extra wide tire, these tires are responsible for distributing the overall weight of the bicycle to a much larger area thus reducing the ground pressure and helping the bicycle to roll over the surface with very less effort.

Many people are addicted to sports activities so much that they don’t scare of poor weather conditions. Fat tyre cycles are designed to have such weather conditions, their performance remains unaffected by the poor weather conditions So if you are living in such areas where weather conditions change frequently, fat bikes are perfect for commuting around in such places.

Big tyre cycle have wide tires which provide a better balance that can help beginners to learn cycle quickly and easily.

Caya Warrior big tyre Cycle for adults

Big tyre cycle under 10000
Big tyre cycle under 10000
  • A high carbon steel frame is used
  • Stylish-looking double-wall aluminium rims are used in this big tyre cycle
  • The saddle used in this bicycle comes with a quick-release mechanism
  • The quick release mechanism allows the rider to maintain proper riding posture throughout the ride
  • Wide treaded tyres are used in this fat tyre cycle
  • These treaded tyres provide better grip and traction on all terrains
  • A wider handlebar is used in this bicycle
  • Pedals used in this bicycle are made of anti-skid plastic
  • This big tyre bicycle comes with dual disc brakes
  • The bicycle comes with a front suspension
  • Bicycle is delivered in the sei-assembled state
  • Instruction manual and installation tools are provided

Best Big tyre cycle under 10000

This big tyre cycle by caya warrior is one of the best looking big tyre cycle under 10000. This fat tyre cycle under 10000 offers many amazing specifications that no other bicycle is offering in this price range. This bicycle is delivered to your doorstep in a semi-assembled state and the rest of the installation is needed to be assembled by the users before first use. The frame of this bicycle is made of high-quality steel material which is strong and lightweight. The frame of this big tyre cycle under 10000 is strong enough to carry a weight of upto 120kg making this bicycle suitable for a heavy person.

The frame of this bicycle is coated with top-notch quality paint which not only enhances the looks of this fat tyre cycle but also increases the frame’s life by providing it protection against corrosion. To make this bicycle suitable for both off and on-road cycling company attached a front suspension in this bicycle. This suspension minimizes the impact that is generated while riding on rough terrains and the rider in getting a smooth and comfortable ride.

Front suspension makes this big tyre cycle suitable for both on and off-road cycling. Double wall alloy rims have been used in this fat tyre cycle which makes this fat tyre cycle strong enough to face any challenging situation out there. The strength and durability posses by double-wall alloy rims are much higher than the rims of traditional tyres. Long-lasting wide tyres are used in this fat tyre cycle which are specially designed for better grip and traction. This helps you in getting a smooth and balanced ride.

This big tyre cycle under 10000 is specially designed for Indian terrain. This bicycle comes with a powerful and effective braking system that keeps the rider worry-free while riding in congested areas. A dual disc brake generates a high amount of stopping force and stops your cycle at right time thus protecting you from any accident.

pedals used in this fat tyre cycle are made of anti-skid plastic which prevents riders’ feet from slipping and protects them from mishappening. A wider handlebar is used in this big tyre cycle which is covered with a soft and comfortable rubber grip. This rubber grip allows the rider to hold the handlebar for long without causing any discomfort to their hands. Brake levers used in this bicycle are also made of high-quality material which is specially designed to handle sudden and heavy impacts without taking any damage.

The saddle of this big tyre cycle under 10000 is wide, soft, and comfortable and is equipped with a quick-release mechanism. This quick-release mechanism allows the rider to lock the saddle of this bicycle at a different height. Locking the bicycle’s seat at a different height allows the rider to maintain a comfortable and proper riding posture throughout the ride. Maintaining the right posture is very important as it prevents the rider from unwanted body pain. This saddle height-changing feature also allows the rider to find an aggressive riding position to achieve maximum speed.

This bicycle is delivered in a semi-assembled state. The company provides installation tools and an instruction manual to help you in installation. You don’t need to spend any extra money for buying any extra tools for installation as all the required tools are provided in the tool kit. To install this bicycle you need to follow the installation manual.

This big tyre cycle under 10000 can be installed in 3 simple steps. 90% of the bicycle is already installed you only need to assemble the pedals, front wheel, and handle of this bicycle. Even then you face any problem in installation then you can visit the nearest mechanic shop to get this bicycle installed for you.

The company also provides some basic accessories with this bicycle like spoke reflectors, front/rear reflectors, tool kit, instruction manual and side kickstand, etc. This bicycle is light in weight which makes its handling easy.

This bicycle is designed for delivering a better cycling experience. Caya bicycles are the most loved bicycle in India as caya engineers keep updating the bicycle design according to the feedback they received from their thousands of existing customers. Caya builds bicycles for people of every age group. All the components that are used in this bicycle are tested so that you can get the highest standard performance.

Things you should check before buying a fat tyre cycle or big tyre cycle.


The frame is the most important component of a bicycle as it holds all the other components of this bicycle in its place and prevents them from vibrating. You should always check the material that is used to make the frame of the bicycle. If the frame of the bicycle is not strong then it will brake or twist while riding on rough terrain. You should always choose a bicycle that is made of high-quality materials.


Check out the type of braking system used in the bicycle. If you looking for a bicycle to commute within the cities then v-brakes are enough for you but if you are looking for a bicycle that can be used for multiple purposes then we recommend you to go with the disc brake system. Disc brakes are much more powerful than normal braking systems. Having a powerful braking system keep in the bicycle allows riders to ride a bicycle with more confidence without worrying about an accident.


Don’t forget to check the type of handlebar used in the bicycle whether it is quill type, t-type, or any other type of handle. If you are buying a bicycle for long-distance riding then choose a bicycle with a wide handlebar as it helps you in maintaining a comfortable shoulder position. Also, check out the type of material used in the handlebar. If the rubber grip used is not comfortable then it will start causing discomfort to your palm and if you will not hold the handlebar properly then there are more chances of an accident.


Check out the type of rim used in the bicycle whether it is single-wall rims or double-wall rims and also checkout its build material. Single wall rims bicycles are only suitable for city rides or for on-road cycling. Single-rims bicycles can bend if you ride them on rough terrain. Double wall rims are stronger and are perfect for off-road cycling.


Check out the width of the tyre used in the bicycle. Having a wide tyre allows the rider to ride a bicycle on terrains like sand, snow, and mud. Wide tyres provide better grip and traction thus providing you a smooth and balanced ride on all terrain.

What are the advantages of buying a fat tyre cycle under 10000?

Fat bikes are ideal for all terrain conditions

Fat bikes are specially designed to be ridden on difficult terrains where other bikes struggle. These bicycles can roll over obstacles easily with their low-pressure tyre easily. Fat bikes are ideal for exercise purposes, fat bikes can be ridden on snow, mud, Sandy terrain, etc.

No suspension needed

Fat tyre cycles don’t need suspension as their wide tires absorb most of the impacts from the ground and give you a comfortable cycling experience.

Best for commuting in troublesome terrains

Commuting can be a great problem where most of the time terrain remains covered with snow, wet mud, and loose sand. You can’t walk on your feet for long in such areas and if you use a car or bike can expose you to a risk of accidents. All these problems can be handled by using a single product which is a fat bike. These fat bikes are built to face such terrain conditions. Its wide tires can roll over any of these troublesome terrains with ease.

What are the cons that we noticed in a fat tyre cycle under 10000?

Fat tyre cycles are costlier than road bikes because these cycles come with a heavy frame and expensive components because of that these bicycles are more expensive than road bikes.

Fat tyre cycles are slower than road bikes because of heavy frames and wide tyres these bicycles become heavier and to overcome that weight users have to put extra effort to pedal this bicycle. Components used in these fat bikes are heavy and expensive, and because of that maintenance costs of a fat bike are higher than other road cycles.

You can’t use fat bikes for traveling long distances as these cycles are heavy in weight and pedaling these fat bikes require more energy than normal road bikes that is why you can’t use fat bikes for covering long distances. You can use these fat bikes to travel up to 10-15km of distance.

Which is the best fat tyre cycle in India?

CRADIAC falcon fat is one best and cheapest fat bike under 10000. This offered fat bike comes with an 18 inches steel frame which can take up to 120kg load. when cycling on unstable roads, the Front suspension fork gives you better control over the cycle.

This fat tyre cycle under 10000 is ideal for traveling long distances. You can use this fat bike for daily use, for commuting within as well as outside the city. This fat bike is equipped with 21-speed Shimano gears, using which you can effortlessly ride on bridges and mountain trails.

Dual disc brakes have been given in this fat bike which let you stop your speedy bike at right time and prevent you from any mishappening. This bicycle is a complete package and you can buy it at Rupees 10000.

Is it harder to pedal a fat tire bike?

Yes, because of the heavy frame and heavy components fat bikes are hard to pedal.

Is a fat bike good for beginners?

Fat bike comes with wide tyres which are responsible for better grip and traction. Because of their wide tires, these bicycles are easy to balance. This easy-to-balance feature of fat bikes makes them ideal for beginners.

Can I use a fat tyre cycle on roads?

Yes, you can ride fat bikes on roads but these bikes are slower than road bikes. if you use fat bikes on terrain that includes stone, roots, potholes, etc then you can ride fat bikes at a much faster speed on these terrains. Fat tyre cycle behaves like a mountain bike. Fat bikes have some additional benefits which allow the users to ride this bike on troublesome terrain. Fat bikes can be used on both roads and in diverse terrain.

How fast you can go on a fat bike?

If you travel with right tyre pressure as per terrain then you can achieve up to a speed of 60km/h with a fat bike.

Do you need suspension on a fat bike?

No, it is not recommended to buy a fat bike with suspension as these fat bikes tyres can run with low tire pressure which acts as a shock absorber. These fat tyre minimizes shock to neutral and doesn’t let you feel any jerk so that you can have a smooth and comfortable ride.

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