Best Fat Tyre Cycle under 15000 in India 2022

Best Fat Tyre Cycle under 15000 in India 2022

You are currently viewing Best Fat Tyre Cycle under 15000 in India 2022

Are you looking for the best fat tyre cycle under 15000 ?, If yes then you are at the right place. Our team compared various cycles based on the price and the specifications they are offering then prepared this list of best fat tyre cycle under 15000.

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Best fat tyre cycle under 15000 in India 2022

Fat tire bicycles are becoming popular day by day due to their attractive looks and their ability to ride in diverse terrains like sand, mud, and snow. You can’t ride normal bikes because the traditional bicycle tyres have less surface area due to which they will slice through the snow and sand. So if your try to explore diverse terrains on a traditional bicycle then you get stuck.

On the other hand surface area offered by the tyres of the fat tyre cycle is much greater than the surface area offered by tyres of the traditional cycles.

Fat Tyre distributes the weight the total weight across a larger surface area. So that your cycle can float on top of the deep snow, mud, and loose sand. So that you can ride on diverse terrains with ease.

1. R Cycles i8 Fat Tyre Cycle with Dual Disc Brakes

R cycle Fat tyre cycle with Dual disc brakes
R cycle Fat tyre cycle with Dual disc brakes
  • Hydraulic suspension for smooth ride
  • The frame is strong and durable and is made of high-quality carbon steel
  • The frame is strong enough to take a load upto 130kg
  • Fat tyres are made of high-quality materials and can survive under extremely low pressure
  • 21 gear gives you a smooth ride
  • 26 inches rim and 4 inches width tyre are used
  • Trendy and stylish design

This cycle looks very stylish and trendy to look at. 4 inches wide tyres are used in this cycle, and the company also provides a hydraulic suspension in the front of the cycle which saves you from the bumps on the way. So that you can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride on any level of ground with great ease. 21 gears have been given in this cycle, which gives you a smooth ride.

A carbon steel frame of 18 inches is used in this cycle which is strong and durable enough to last for years. The frame can take a load of upto 130kg. This cycle is suitable for those users whose height ranges between 5-6.5feet.

Bicycle tires are specially designed to last in diverse terrains such as snow, mud, and loose sand where conventional bikes fail to last. You can also ride this bicycle on varied terrains like sand, snow, and mud.

High-quality rubber is used to build these fat tyre. width of the tyre and rim is 4 inches and 26 inches respectively and is designed to deliver a smooth riding experience. These tyre can sustain extremely low pressure as well. The braking system of this cycle is excellent, company provides alloy silver mechanic disc brakes that immediately stop your cycle when brakes are applied.

Seat height is adjustable, users can adjust the seat height according to their own height to get a comfortable riding experience. This cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition, you have to finish the installation before using it.

The company provides an installation box with an Allen key and spanner to complete the installation. You can also visit a local mechanic’s shop to have it assembled for you.


  • The frame can easily handle the weight of upto 130kg
  • Fat tyre let you float on the top surface of the deep snow, mud, and loose sand
  • Trendy and stylish design
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Disc brakes are available on both wheels


  • No mudguard
  • The frame doesn’t offer a place to hold a water bottle


The seat of this bicycle is not suitable for long rides, if riding this cycle for more than 3-4 km then you will feel that it is not as comfortable as they are claiming. The assembly of this bicycle is a bit complicated, you may not be able to assemble it yourself, so you will need to spend extra money to assemble it.

Our Verdict

If speed and high performance are your first priority then this cycle can be a great option for you. This cycle comes with 21 gears for high speed, Both the wheels come with disc brakes that allow you to stop at the right time on all terrains, This bicycle also has hydraulic suspension which absorbs the impacts and gives you a smooth ride

User’s Review

This is what users of this cycle have to say

This cycle looks very stylish and trendy. The hydraulic suspension works very well, even if you drive it in a rough place, you will not feel any impact as it will absorb all the impact. I am really happy to buy this cycle

2. Leader Spartan 26t X 300 Fat Tyre Cycle with Front Suspension and Disc Brake

Leader Spartan 26t X 300 Fat Tyre Cycle with Front Suspension
Leader Spartan Fat Tyre Cycle with Front Suspension
  • The cycle is delivered in the semi-assembled condition
  • Installation box inside which you get Allen key and spanner
  • The size of the rim is 26 inches and the width of the tyre is 3 inches
  • The suspension has been given in the bicycle which protects you from the bumps on the road
  • The cycle is suitable for riders whose height ranges between 5-6FT
  • The bicycle is perfect for those who are above 12+ years
  • Reflectors are also provided on the bicycle.
  • Instruction manual for quick and easy assembly
  • Disc brake to immediately stop the cycle

The frame of this bicycle is 26 inches, and the height of the rider should be at least 5 feet to ride the bicycle. The high-quality material used in this cycle is strong and durable enough to last for years. The handlebar of the bicycle is covered with a soft and comfortable rubber which is specially designed to provide comfort to the hands of riders during long rides.

Front-wheel of the fat tyre cycle comes with a suspension. So when you are riding a cycle on an uneven surface suspension comes into play. It absorbs all the shocks and impact and provides you a comfortable and smooth ride.

An installation box and an instruction manual are provided with the cycle. You simply need to follow the instruction manual to finish installation before first use.

Disc Brakes are attached to the front wheel of the cycle and are responsible for generating a high amount of stopping force. Users can stop the bicycle by pulling the lever with very little pressure. So even if you are running your cycle at a very high speed it will stop immediately at its spot as soon as you apply the brakes.

Saddle height can be adjusted in order to obtain a comfortable riding experience. There are no gears given in the bicycle. Multiple reflectors are attached to the wheels of the cycle. A safety reflector assists in the visibility of a person or vehicle visible on the road, as it reflects light from the vehicle’s headlights.


  • The bike is comfortable and looks very attractive
  • The disc brake is attached to the front wheel of the cycle
  • Adjustable seat height to achieve a comfortable sitting position
  • Suspension for a smooth riding experience on all types of roads
  • Multiple reflectors assist in the visibility of vehicles or people on the road


  • The disc is avialable on the front wheel only


Even in this price range, this cycle does not have gears. No disc brake for the rear wheel. The rear wheel of the bicycle comes with a V-brake

Our verdict

If are looking for a stylish-looking bike that provides both comfort and a smooth ride then you can go with the option. This cycle offers you a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during a long ride. The braking system of this cycle is decent. If you are looking to buy a bicycle that both you and your son can ride, then this bicycle is perfect for you.

User’s Review

This is what users of this cycle have to say

This bike is comfortable for users and very good looking bike, this bike Will make attraction towards the cowards.

3. Appgrow Folding Fat Bike

Fat tyre cycle under 15000 with dual  suspension
Appgrow folding fat tyre cycle
  • The frame of the cycle is foldable
  • The dual suspension is responsible for smooth rides
  • The frame of the cycle is made of high-quality steel
  • The frame size is 17 inches
  • Raider whose height is above 4Ft can ride this cycle
  • 26 Speed gears provided for a smooth ride
  • This fat tyre cycle is Manufactured in India
  • The disc brake immediately stops the bicycle as soon as you pull the lever

Appgrow Folding Fat Bike is the best fat tyre cycle under 15000 as it looks very trendy, and stylish and offers a lot of amazing specifications in this price range. Frame height is 17 inches and is made of high-quality steel, This fat tyre cycle is suitable for people whose height ranges between 5-6Ft.

The frame of this fat tyre cycle is foldable, which means that it occupies very less space as compared to other traditional bikes. You can fold it and can put it in any corner of your house.

The frame is coated with high-quality anti-corrosive paint, This anti-corrosive paint provides protection to the frame even in humid areas. 4-inch wide tyres distribute the total weight across more surface area. So it will not cut through the deep snow, mud, or sand. It will float on its top surface.

The foldable feature of the bicycle allows users to take it with them while going on long tours. You can fold the bicycle and put it in your car. After reaching your destination, you can unfold the cycle and can explore the place on your bicycle. This will also save your petrol money and you will also get out of traffic jams comfortably. Despite being foldable, this frame can comfortably carry up to 100 kg of weight.

You also get the dual suspension in this cycle which saves you from the bumps on the rough roads and provides you a smooth ride. Soft and comfortable high-quality material is used in the saddle.

Material is durable enough to last for years, saddle height of this fat tyre cycle is adjustable. The height of the saddle can be changed according to the rider’s height.


  • A foldable frame occupies less space
  • Disc Brake is available
  • 26-speed gears for a smooth ride
  • Dual suspension to protect you from bumps on the way


  • No mudguard
  • No reflectors
  • No information about the cycle horn


The company doesn’t provide any additional accessories like a reflector and spoke guard, so if you want these accessories then you have to buy them separately.

Our Verdict

This cycle has everything that a true cyclist needs, this cycle comes with dual suspension and a disc brake. Most the cycle offers suspension only in front-wheel but this appgrow cycle comes with dual suspension. This cycle also has 21 gears with an effortless gear shifter. The frame of this cycle is foldable, If you are exploring an area where cycling is not possible, you can fold it up and take it with you.

User’s Review

This is what users of this cycle ha to say

This cycle offers everything that a cyclist wants to have in his cycle like amazing looks, geared disc brakes, dual suspension and gears. I highly recommend buying this bicycle

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