Best metal folding bed with wheels in India 2022

Best metal folding bed with wheels in India 2022

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Are you also one of those who are looking for folding bed with wheels, if yes then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of best metal folding bed with wheels in India 2022.

Folding beds with mattress have become very famous these days because they are very cheap and occupies very less space .

Metal Folding bed is a very good option for those people who are living on rent in other cities or or studying outside their hometown and staying in hostel.

There are many benefits of using a folding bed. After opening the folding bed, you will get a lot of space under it which you can use to store your personal belongings.The folding bed is very light in weight. you can easily fold and unfold it without any help.

Being portable, you can fold this bed and keep it in your car and take it whenever you go.After the bed is folded, it occupies very little space.

You can easily keep it in any corner of the house, behind the sofa or covered.Here is the list of best folding bed with wheels in India 2022

1. AmazonBasics Premium Rollaway Single Folding Steel Bed with Mattress & Caster Wheels

Amazonbasics single folding bed with mattress
  • Full metal folding frame coated with paint
  • 4 inch Anti-microbial high density form mattress
  • lockable caster wheel supports mobility
  • Folding bed comes with 1 year warranty
  • Load capacity of folding cot is 150kg
  • Rolling caster wheels which rotate at 36 degree
  • Strong, Durable and easy to assemble


Strong metal frame with –

The frame of the folding bed is made of very high quality iron, which is lightweight as well as very strong. It is so strong that it can easily withstand a weight of up to 150 kg.

Highly durable paint is used to coat the frame of this folding which provide protection against corrosion and increases the life of the metal frame.

4 Extra Durable Leg-

4 extra durable legs have been given in the middle of the bed, which increases the weight-bearing capacity of the bed.


Anti-microbial high density foam mattress-This folding bed comes with a premium high density mattress which is very soft and comfortable.

If you are also suffering from neck and back pain then this mattress will prove to be a boon for you. Because this mattress give your neck and waist as much support as they need.

Mattress come with a cover that not only protects your mattress from getting dirty, but also protects you from harmful bacteria as that anti-microbial high density foam has been used which not only prevents the spread of bacteria but also kills them.

Safety Lock-

This Metal folding bed with mattress comes with a safety lock that prevents the bed from opening. If you want to open the bed, you must first unbuckle the safety lock.

Caster wheels-

This folding bed comes with 4 rolling caster wheels which can rotate up to an angle of 36 degrees, With the help of rolling caster wheels, you can easily take the bed to any corner of the house.
These rolling caster wheels are lockable which prevents them from rolling. After folding the bed, the user can lock the wheel so that the bed does not move.

Portable and quick Assembly-

This bed is very portable and you can assemble it very easily. Whole folding bed is pre-assemble except it’s wheels. you only have to install the rolling caster wheels for that a wrench is provided.


This folding bed with wheels comes with 1 year warranty.

  • Lockable wheel to avoid movement
  • Country origin India
  • Strong, Durable and easy to store
  • 4 inch high density mattress for comfortable sleep
  • Metal Frame is coated with highly durable paint
  • mattress sag slightly on the folding line

2. Annam Dec Londone Rollaway Foam Folding Bed with Wheels

Folding bed with mattress
  • This rollaway folding bed with mattress is strong enough to handle weight of upto 150kg
  • Medium density foam mattress is used
  • Mattress comes with fire resistant cover
  • Cover protect mattress form dust and dirt
  • Rollaway folding bed is equipped with caster wheel
  • Rolling caster wheel can be locked to prevent movement
  • Anti-Corrosive paint protect frame from corrosion
  • 2 Extra rolling wheel is provided
  • Folding bed is pre-assembled you don’t any tool kit to assemble it


Strong and stable frame-

High quality material is used for framing the frame of this rollaway folding bed with wheels, frame is painted with anti-corrosive paint which increases the life of the frame by providing it protection against corrosion.

6 legs are provided in the folding bed, which makes the frame very stable and strong.
Due to which the frame of the bed does not turn from the middle even if the weight is more than 100kg.

Folding bed Top-

A hard machine pressed decorative plywood is installed on the top of the bed, weight carrying capacity of this plywood top is very high.

The size of the plywood is the same as the size of the bed. So it fits perfectly on the top.


This Metal Folding bed with wheels comes with medium density foam mattress which is capable enough to provide proper support. Thus provide you soft and comfortable sleeping experience.

This mattress is covered with a fire resistant cover. This cover also protect your Mattress from dust and dirt.


There are 4 legs in the middle of the plug and 4 caster wheels are also attached to those legs.
Due to these wheels, it becomes very easy to shift the Rollaway folding bed, these wheels can also rotate in 360 degrees.

The company also provides 2 extra wheels so that if any wheel gets damaged in the future, it can be easily replaced.

When you unfold the bed, the caster wheels will automatically move upwards and they will hang in the air. So when you lay the bed, the bed won’t slide because the wheel is in the air and you won’t need to lock the wheels.

Portable and pre assembled-

This Metal folding bed with mattress is very light, so you can fold it and take it anywhere. If you do not need Bed, then you can fold it and keep it in any corner of the house and it occupies very little space.

This folding bed with wheels is already assembled. After delivery, you have to unfold it and it is ready to use.

  • Price is satisfactory
  • Product quality is good
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Two extra caster wheel is provided
  • Mattress is covered with fire resistant cover
  • Overall product is good though mattress could be better

3.Generic Single Metal Paint Finish Folding Bed Without Storage

Best folding bed with mattress
Generic metal folding bed with mattress
  • Perfect for guest and small space
  • 360 degree rolling caster wheel for easy movement
  • Mattress with anti-microbial cover kills bacteria and also prevent them from spreading
  • High strength skeleton metal frame
  • It can hold upto 120kg of weight


Super Strong & sturdy metal frame-

High quality steel tubes have been used to make the frame of this portable bed to make it more sturdy and durable.
The frame of this protable bed is coated with Epoxy paint which is protect frame from corrosion even in humid area. Safety lock is also provided in this folding frame, if you want to unfold the bed, then first you have to open the safety lock, after that you can unfold the bed


The material of the mattress used in this bed is very soft and comfortable. It gives perfect amount of support to your body.
The mattresses come with a stylish quilted cover which is quite supportive. This cover is an anti-microbial cover which not only prevents the spread of bacteria but also kills them

Load Capacity –

Due to having 6 legs, the frame is very strong and stable. This frame can easily lift weights up to 150kg

Smooth fold and unfold mechanism-

The folding and unfolding mechanism of

this bed is so smooth that with a light push you can easily fold and unfold it.
You understand that this folding mechanism is so smooth that a member of any age group in your family can fold it alone.There is no sound when the bed is folded and unfolded.


There are wheels in this bed, which come down when the bed is closed and when the bed is laid, these wheels go upwards.
These wheels can rotate up to 360 degrees, with the help of the wheel, you can fold the bed and slide it anywhere. You don’t need to lift the folding.

  • Super smooth folding and unfolding mechanism
  • Premium quality mattress is used
  • Safety lock is provided
  • Weight bearing capacity is less than other beds

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