Best stylish cycle under 5000 India October 2022

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In this review post, we list down best stylish cycle under 5000 for men based on their quality, features, and performance. In this in-depth review, you will get to know the specifications, pros, and cons of the cycle. So that you can buy the right cycle according to your requirement.

The budget of 5000 rs is a very tight budget, You will not find a geared bicycle in this price range, Even if you get it, it does not last long. Because the quality of the components used in the bicycle will be very low.

That’s why we suggest you choose a single-speed cycle. We have compiled a list of good brands of stylish cycles under 5000. You can read the complete article and if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the complete article then you can consider this list of best cycle under cycle for men under 5000 to buy best cycle with the highest specifications.

Best stylish cycle under 5000 India 2022

1. Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain stylish cycle under 5000

Leader Scout MTB 26T Single Speed stylish cycle Men under 5000

Leader Scout MTB 26T Without Gear Single Speed for Men
  • Protective chain guards have been provided on the bicycle, which reduces the risk of entanglement.
  • The tires offered on the bicycle are long-lasting and provide better traction on all types of trains.
  • The powerful and efficient braking system works well in all types of terrain
  • The cushion of the bicycle is very soft and comfortable and the user can increase or decrease its height.
  • High-quality carbon steel is used to make this frame and it is also very strong and long-lasting

Leader Scout MTB bicycle is one of the best cycles in this price range, This cycle has got 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon and about 1736 people have given positive reviews to this cycle. High-quality steel has been used to prepare the bicycle frame, which is 18 inches.

The carbon steel frame of the cycle is covered with high-quality paint. The handlebar of the bicycle is of a T shape and high-quality rubber has been used in it. The rubber on the handlebar not only gives you a better grip but protects you from any discomfort while holding the handlebar for long.

The braking system used in this cycle is really efficient. The bicycle is already equipped with essential accessories like a front reflector, rear reflector, spoke reflector, and side stand. Everyone above 12 years can run this cycle.

The tires on the bicycle have great grip, they provide better traction and give you a smooth ride.


  • Build quality is very good
  • The cycle looks very attractive
  • The seat is comfortable and adjustable too
  • Easy to assemble


  • Poor chain quality
  • loose-fitting


The finish of the product is not up to the mark. Due to improper packing, some parts were lost. Poor customer care support. The quality of the brake used could be better

Our Verdict

This leader scout bicycle is comfortable, lightweight, and good-looking. The bicycle can be used to commute as well as for exercise purposes. The saddle used in this bicycle is a little bit small you might feel a little bit uncomfortable while sitting on this saddle. The material used in the frame is lightweight as well as strong also. This is the perfect stylish under 5000 Rupee, as it offers many specifications that are offered in bicycle of 7000

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this bicycle have to say

Final tuning is needed before starting to use the bicycle. Assembling this bicycle is an easy task. All the parts used in this bicycle are strong and sturdy except the seat. The seat of this bicycle became loose after a few months of use. The bicycle offers amazing features at an affordable price. The thickness of the tires used in this cycle is normal and the quality of the tires is also good.

2. Hercules Dynor RF 26T stylish cycle for men

Hercules Dynor RF 26T Single Speed
Hercules Dynor RF 26T Single Speed
  • Anti-sid pedal is used in the bicycle
  • The frame of the bicycle is made of steel and it is also lightweight
  • The tool kit, instruction manual, and reflectors are also included in the box.
  • Bicycle frame painted canary yellow
  • There is no gear in this bicycle
  • The height of the frame used in the bicycle is 18-inches
  • V-brakes are used in the bicycle
  • Users can adjust the height of the bicycle seat according to their height

Hercules is a very popular brand, which is well known for its quality. Hercules dynor can be a great stylish cycle under 5000. When this cycle is delivered, it is already 85% assembled. You need to do complete assembly before use. The frame used in the bicycle is made of steel and its height is 18 inches. This steel frame is coated with canary yellow color. This bike does not have gear

If you travel a lot in the nearby local area, then this cycle can be a better option for you. Using a bicycle will not only keep you fit but also helps you in saving money and the environment. If you will avoid using a car and bike then you can save a lot of your money which you used to spend on petrol.

The cycle runs very smoothly and comes with a stylish and sleek design. Anti-skid pedals have been used in this bicycle which means your foot will not slip even if you are pedaling fast.

This stylish cycle uses a V-brake which is a direct-pull cantilever brake. V-brake uses a cable, whose one end is attached with a lever and another end is connected with two halves arms on which brake pads are mounted. So when the user pulls the lever these brake pads start rubbing against the rim and stop the cycle.

Like other bikes, this cycle also comes pre-installed with a spoke reflector, front reflector, rear reflector, and side stand.


  • It looks amazing and definitely an attention seeker
  • paint quality is great
  • All the required tools are provided to assemble the cycle


  • The quality of brake levers could have been better definitely.
  • The seat is not that comfy


The quality of brake levers used in this bicycle could be better. The seat of this bicycle is not as comfortable as they are claiming. After driving this cycle for more than 4 km, it becomes uncomfortable to sit on the seat.

Our Verdict

This stylish cycle comes with a stylish sleek design. High-quality metal parts have been used in this bicycle which makes this cycle strong and durable. This cycle gives you a smooth and comfortable ride on all terrains. The seat of this bicycle is fine for short distances but if you are using this bicycle for long rides then this seat can be uncomfortable. Overall good product at this price.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this bicycle have to say

The manual provided by the company is of no use as it is not specific to this model. This bicycle does not come with a mudguard. The Assembly of this bicycle is quick and easy. Considering its price and specification, this cycle is the right stylish cycle under 5000.

3. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike for men

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed stylish cycle under 5000
Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike
  • High-density steel material is used to build the frame of the cycle
  • The frame provides the required support to all the components and keeps them intact.
  • The cycle is suitable for adults as well as children
  • Long-lasting rubber tyres
  • Cycle provides a smooth ride on both on and off-road
  • Adjustable PU saddle
  • The cycle is easy to assemble
  • The cycle comes with an instruction manual and an installation box

You must have heard the name Hero, it is the largest bicycle manufacturing company in India. Hero is an India Bicycle Manufacturing Company. The bicycles of this company are known for their strength and durability. Hero Kyoto 26T is also the Hero company’s bicycle which is a gearless cycle.

This cycle comes in black color and its frame is made of steel. The bicycle is very light, due to its light, you can handle the bicycle very comfortably. Despite being light, this bicycle is also quite strong, it can comfortably lift up to 100 kg. A person with a height of 5-6 feet can ride the cycle very easily. The wheel size of a bicycle is 65 cm or the height of its frame is 18 inches.

Reflectors are installed in both the front and rear wheels of the bicycle. The cycle frame is coated with high-quality paint. V-brakes are used in bicycles for an effective braking system. Anti-skid pedals have been used so that your foot does not slip off the pedals while cycling

The company used a soft and comfortable rubber material that is specially designed to deliver comfort to your hand during long rides. It will not cause any discomfort even after holding it for hours. Hero Kyto 26T offers a lot of unique specifications that no other cycle under 5000 offers.


  • Rim used in the cycle is made of steel
  • High grip pedals are used to prevent your foot from slipping
  • The cycle is very lightweight and easy to ride
  • Long-lasting tyres are used which perform well even on a wet road
  • Made in India cycle
  • offer unique looks in this price range


  • No back carrier
  • All parts are not fastened properly
  • No mudguard


Many users are facing frequent dechiain issue. The pedals used in this bicycle could be better, they make noise even after applying oil. The braking system used in this cycle is average. The company does not provide mudguards and bells. If you want these accessories you will have to buy them separately. This bicycle does not come with a carrier.

Our Verdict

If your looking for branded cycle for men under 5000 Rs then this bicycle by the hero is perfect for you. Hero is famous for its unbeatable build quality and durability. The bicycle comes with a robust frame made of premium quality steel. The tires used in this bicycle are made of high-quality rubber which will last for years. The height of the saddle of this cycle can be adjusted making this bicycle for both adults and children. The bicycle doesn’t come with mudguards you have to buy them separately. High-quality alloy material is used to build the rims of this bicycle which make this bicycle suitable for all-terrain. The paint used in this bicycle is of good quality

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this bicycle have to say

After-sale support offered by this bicycle is great, Cheap quality paddles are used in this bicycle it may get into pieces if a heavy person rides this bicycle. classic colors make this cycle more attractive. The seat and handlebar can be adjusted to an effortless paddling position.

4. Leader Scout MTB 26T stylish cycle

Leader Scout MTB 26T cycle- Best cycle for men under 5000
Leader Scout MTB 26T
  • Installation box with an Allen key and spanner to assemble the rest of the cycle
  • Orange-black paint gives premium look to the cycle
  • The cycle is suitable for people whose height is 5FT or above
  • Mudguard is provided
  • Adjustable PU saddle in order to achieve a comfortable riding position
  • Reflectors are pre-attached to the wheels
  • Pre-attached v-brake on both the wheels

Leader scout cycle is one of the best stylish cycle under 5000, high tensile steel frame is used in the cycle which is strong and durable enough to hold all components together. The Handlebar of the cycle is specially designed to keep the rider in a comfortable position.

Even after riding for hours, the rider’s handlebar doesn’t cause any discomfort to the rider’s hands as it is covered with soft and comfortable rubber material. Black and orange color is used to paint the frame of the bicycle which give you a premium feel.

The size of the cycle frame is 18 Inches and 26 inches wheels are used in the cycle. This cycle is suitable for riders whose height is 5FT or above.

The rider can increase or decrease the height of the saddle according to their own height. The braking system used in this cycle is very efficient. Front and rear both the wheels are equipped with V-brake, V-brakes are generating a huge amount of force when the lever is pulled and immediately stop the cycle. The leader scout cycle is delivered in 90% pre-assembled condition, before start using it you have to assemble the
stylish cycle or you can also call a cycle mechanic to assemble it for you. The company provides every tool required to assemble the cycle, Cycle comes with an installation box inside which you get an Allen key and spanner.

The company sent the cycle pre-fitted with all the required accessories like reflectors, mudguard, and side stand. A specially selected tyres tread design is used for better traction in wet and dry. The quality of the rubber used in the cycle is long-lasting.


  • Great looking cycle in this price range
  • Mudguard is provided
  • The cycle is really smooth
  • Easy to assemble


  • Bad seller response
  • The seat is not comfortable


Poor vendor support, the bicycle is hard to handle because it’s quite heavy. The customer encountered problems with assembly because the installation manual provided is not specific to this cycle. For assembling this bicycle you need to watch the installation video on youtube otherwise you will have to spend some extra money to assemble this bicycle from a mechanic.

Our Verdict

The Leader Scout Cycle is a single-speed mountain bike suitable for riders whose height ranges from 5FT to 6FT. V-brakes are used in this Leader Scout mountain bike, the maintenance cost involved in this cycle is very less. The seat can be adjusted which allows the rider to find the best posture for comfortable pedaling. The handlebar has been designed to keep you comfortable throughout the journey. High grip pedals are used in this bicycle which prevents your foot from slipping. This cycle is good if you do not have time for proper maintenance.

User’s reviews

This is what users of this bicycle have to say

Sellers keep calling again and again asking for 5-star ratings for money which is very disturbing. Many customers received defective products, and do not know whether it is the company’s fault or that the parts were damaged during delivery. You can easily assemble this bicycle at home by watching assembly videos on YouTube. Would be great if this bicycle comes with a bell and lock. Many users say that the seller refused to return the damaged parts.

5. Lifelong LLBC2601 Escape 26T stylish cycle under 5000

stylish cycle under 5000
Lifelong LLBC2601 Escape 26T Cycle
  • Quill tye handlebar with comfortable pU Grips
  • Stylish alloy lever with alloy brakes
  • Super comfortable PU saddle with adjustable height
  • The frame is lightweight and is made of high tensile steel
  • Long-lasting Tread design tyre provides better traction
  • Steel pedals are used for long life
  • Super stylish colored double-wall alloy rims
  • The frame can take a weight of upto 120kg
  • Min height required to ride this cycle is 4Ft and the Max height is 6FT

Lifelong escape cyele 26T is specially designed for adults, the cycle comes with decent looks and is perfect to commutate within the city. The height of the frame is 26 inches, and the frame is robust and can easily carry a load of upto 100kg. The company has painted this cycle with the best quality paint.

The matte finish look of this cycle looks very attractive and stylish. The company has used the highest quality components in this cycle, this cycle will last for years. After the cycles are created, each cycle goes through over 50 tests so that each cycle delivers the highest standard performance.

When the company delivers the bicycle, the cycle is already 85% assembled, you need to assemble the bicycle before you can use it for which the company also provides you with the installation tools. You do not need to buy a separate side stand in this cycle, as the cycle comes with a pre-attached stand.

High-quality components greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the bicycle. This cycle comes with the perfect combination of comfort and style. All the components of this bicycle-like handlebar, soft rubber grip, and lightweight frame are designed to provide a high level of comfort. Rim used in this bicycle is made of high-quality steel, measuring 26 inches in size.

The stylish cycle under 5000 comes with an alloy lever with power brakes, Both wheels come with pre-installed caliper brakes with high-quality brake pads. You will not feel any discomfort in your hands even after riding this cycle for hours because of the specially designed quill-type handlebar with a comfortable PU grip used in cycles.


  • Alloy lever with power brake
  • Lightweight high tensile steel
  • The frame can hold 120kg of weight with ease
  • The pedal used in this cycle is made of steel
  • The cycle comes with Double-wall alloy rims


  • No suspension is provided
  • Tyre thickness is 2.1 inches


You have to buy the mudguard separately as it is not provided by the company. This bicycle comes with rigid suspension which means this bike is only suitable for city riding if you ride it on rough terrains then you do not get a comfortable ride. The seat is hard which can cause discomfort. brake quality is very poor. You need to change brakes frequently.

Our Verdict

This stylish cycle under 5000 comes with a lightweight frame that ensures a high level of comfort, the handlebar of this bicycle is ergonomically designed and covered with soft and comfortable rubber. The handlebar keeps the rider’s hands comfortable while cycling in rough terrain. The components used in this bicycle are made of high-quality material which is responsible for low maintenance cost. The bicycle has been painted with top-notch paint which makes this cycle more attractive and also prolongs its life of the cycle. The bicycle offers a fresh and stylish look. This bicycle can be a great option for adults who like to ride in style.

User’s Reviews

This lifelong bicycle is built for endurance and is a made-in-India bicycle. This bicycle comes with high-quality MTB tires. Brake levers are made of alloy which is durable and long-lasting. The high tensile steel frame makes this bicycle very lightweight allowing the user to control this bicycle more accurately. The bicycle is strong enough to lift 120 kg without any breakage.

6. VECTOR 91 Freedom 26T Matt Black Single Speed Hybrid Cycle for men

vector stylish cycle under 5000
VECTOR 91 Freedom 26T Matt Black Single Speed Hybrid Cycle for men
  • Single-speed drive train
  • Nylon tyre is used in the cycle
  • The height of the frame is 18 Inch
  • Anti-skid pedals are used
  • The rim of the cycle is made of steel
  • The cycle is suitable for the age group above 12+ years
  • Wheels are pre-installed with V-brake
  • Adjustable height sporty saddle
  • Lightweight Hi-tensile steel-Tig welded frame

The list of best stylish under 5000 rupees would have been incomplete without this cycle. Vector 91 is popular because of its strength and comfort. This cycle works on a single-speed drive train and is delivered in semi-assembled condition. The frame of this bicycle is made of high tensile steel and TIG welding has been used to weld it.

The frame is light in weight as well as very strong. The height of the frame is 18 inches. Vector 91 is ideal for all adults. The total weight of the whole wheel is 14.3 kg. Frame the cycle is so strong that it can comfortably carry a weight of up to 100 grams.

The rim of the bicycle is 26 inches, steel has been used to make the rim, due to which this rim is very strong and durable and will not catch rust. Its tire width is 1.95 inches and is made of nylon material. V-brakes are pre-attached on both wheels which make sure you break all your obstacles in time.

All the components used in the bicycle are made of high-quality materials. Due to this, it gets damaged very less and due to this the maintenance cost of this cycle is very less as compared to other cycles. This bicycle doesn’t come with a guard, so you’ll need to order one separately if you need a guard.

The stylish cycle under 5000 also does not have a back carrier, which can cause you many problems like you cannot carry much luggage or limited stuff with you. The cycle is available in black color and white court stickers have been used, which makes the cycle look quite attractive as well.

The front and rear wheels are fitted with single reflectors, which tell the rest of the motorist and the car at night that there is a bicycle on the road. The material of the pedals used in the bicycle is also of very high quality and it also provides a better grip. If you buy this cycle then you will get a smooth and comfortable cycling experience. This is one of the best looking stylish cycle for men under 5000.


  • The cycle looks stylish and gives you a feel of a premium cycle
  • The rim of the cycle is made of high-quality steel
  • High grip soft and comfortable handlebar
  • Tyre is made of nylon


  • No suspension
  • single reflector for each wheel
  • No mudguard is provided
  • No back carrier is provided


The company does not provide mudguards and carriers. The company offers a single reflector for each wheel at this price point which is really disappointing.

Our Verdict

This stylish bicycle under 5000 comes with premium quality nylon tires that provide superior traction and grip on all terrains, these tires are built to last for years. Reflectorized anti-skid pedals are used for smooth paddling. The raised handlebar with a soft grip is designed to provide comfort to the riders’ hands during long rides. Stunning graphics make this bicycle more attractive. Quality components are used in this Ninety bicycle due to which the maintenance cost of this cycle is very low. Light tig-welded frame makes this wheel fit and strong enough to withstand any challenging conditions without breaking. We highly recommend buying this bicycle.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this bicycle have to say

Ninety-nine offers unbeatable build quality in this bicycle, the bicycle is strong and durable. This bike can easily last more than ten years. The high-quality paint makes this bicycle more attractive and prolongs the life of the frame. The premium quality nylon tires help in providing superior grip and traction and give you a stable and safe ride on all terrains.

7. Hero Sprint Men’s Frame Santiago 26T stylish cycle under 5000

Hero sprint men's cycle under 5000
Hero Sprint Men’s Cycle
  • The frame is 18 inches and is made of steel
  • Side stand, mudguard, and bell are not provided
  • cycle delivered in the semi-assembled condition
  • Great tires quality
  • Double-wall alloy rims for enhanced strength and durability

Hero sprint is a hybrid cycle whose frame is made of high-quality steel, steel frame is 18 inches which make it suitable for both teen and kids. Handling the cycle is super easy as it is very lightweight. The overall weight of the cycle is 17kg approx.

Frame of the cycle is coated with white paint which looks really nice. The cycle comes with a double-wall alloy rim, which is stronger than the normal steel rim. A specially selected treaded design tyre is
used in the cycle which results in improved traction in both wet and dry conditions. High-quality rubber used in tires will last for years.

This bicycle comes with all essential components. The built quality provided by the Hero company in this cycle is really great. If you go with this cycle then definitely
you are going to get a value-for-money product.

This cycle gives top performance in this budget but it is missing a lot of essential items, so we have placed it at number seven on this list. The company doesn’t provide a mudguard, side stand, or well. You have to buy all these accessories separately. So if you are okay with that then you can go with this option.

The size of the wheels is 26 inches and v-brakes are attached to the wheels of the cycle. This cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition and to complete the rest of the installation an instruction manual is provided.

We can’t ignore the importance of the bell especially when you live in a crowded area. It is really an important accessory but many bicycle brands don’t provide it.


  • Top performance in low budget
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The cycle is lightweight and looks very stylish
  • This cycle is suitable for both teens and adults


  • Company doesn’t provide a side stand and mudguard
  • You also need to buy bell separately
  • The quality of the brake can better
  • Loose-fitting


Even after paying 5000, you don’t get a stand on this bicycle. You also need to buy separately mudguard and bell as these accessories don’t come with the package. The quality of the tube and tires could be better.

Our Verdict

The bicycle is lightweight and delivers great performance, the bicycle is stable and provides a quality ride. Bottle hold is mounted on the frame which allows you to take a sipper or water bottle to yourself hydrated during long rides.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this bicycle have to say

Tube tyres are made of cheap quality material. Pedals are not smooth

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